The Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists (SUSP) is a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Membership is limited to active duty, activated guard/reservist, or retired military psychiatrists in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Public Health Service who also meet eligibility criteria for APA membership.


The Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists (SUSP) is an organization of past and present uniformed psychiatrists working together to advance military psychiatry and to develop world-class leaders in their field.  
  • To advance the professional development of its members through education, mentorship, sponsorship, coaching, and networking.
  • To promote the health and wellbeing of its members by building a cohesive community of uniformed psychiatrists
  • To promote the advancement of military psychiatry.
  • To optimize the psychiatric care of service members and their families by heightening the awareness and the importance of uniformed psychiatrists-led patient care, education, and research programs.

Board Members

Connie Thomas                                                        President
Sean Wilkes                                                              Vice President
Rohul Amin                                                                Immediate Previous President
Aaron Wolfgang                                                        Treasurer  
David A. Nissan                                                        Secretary  
Eric Meyer                                                                  Assembly Representative
Heather Hauck                                                          Assembly Representative


Committee Chairs

Allison Webb                                                              Chair,  Professional Education Committee
Gary Bernard                                                              Chair, Membership Committee
Travis Jones                                                              Chair, Elections Committee

Curt West                                                                   Chair, Ethics Committee

Newly Appointed Positions

Disaster Liaison to APA
LTC Daniel Hart

Medical Student Outreach Co-Chairs
Bryson Hewins for Navy/PHS USU and HPSP students        
Jacqueline Hamrick for Army USU and HPSP students 
Bianca Eubanks for USAF and HPSP students                           

Resident Outreach Co-Chairs  
Matt Rusling for Army residents  
Tom DePietro for Navy/PHS residents  
Cory Jacobsen for USAF residents  

Previous SUSP Presidents


2020-2022 - Rohul Amin
2019-2020 - Rachel Sullivan
2018-2019 - Eric Meyer
2017-2018 - Vin Capaldi
2016-2017 - Gary Wynn
2015-2016 - Steven Pflanz
2014-2015 - Dan Balog
2013-2014 - Wendi Waits
2012-2013 - Kevin Moore
2007-2009 - David Benedek
2000-2002 - David Benedek


SUSP Officer Job Descriptions

SUSP is a private organization; the views expressed do not represent those of the U.S. government or the Department of Defense.