SUSP Albert J Glass Award

COL "Al" Glass used his observations during WWII to help change the perception of psychological stress in combat during the Korean War.  He went on to develop the concepts of proximity, immediacy, simplicity and expectancy: a cornerstone of military psychiatry.  Widely published, Dr Glass represents the best of military psychiatry.

The Al Glass Award is presented annually to an active duty military resident or fellow whose original research manuscript is judged to make the most meaningful contribution to military psychiatry.

The award is presented during the annual SUSP meeting, which occurs in conjunction with the APA's annual meeting in May. The winner also receives his or her choice of airfare to the annual meeting or a $500 book stipend.

Applicants are allowed assistance from faculty members, but the manuscript should be primarily authored by the resident/fellow. In judging submissions, military relevance is the most heavily-weighted criterion and original research manuscripts often earn higher scores compared to case reports or reviews.

The deadline each year is 1 March. The application process is now open!

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Previous Recipients of the Al Glass Award:

2019: Dr. Sarah McLeroy - Quality Improvement Project to Reduce Stigma Towards Mental Health Among US Army Soldiers

2017: Dr. Kyle Gray - Duty to treat during an active shooter in a hospital incident

2016: Dr. Caroline Clark - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in PTSD

2015: Dr. Philip Yam - Impaired cerebrovascular reactivity in military service members with blast-type mild traumatic brain injury

2014: Dr. Daniel Lee - Long-Term Pharmacotherapy in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Meta-Analysis and Sub-Analyses

2013: Dr. Rebecca Burson- Impact of PTSD and Inflammation on Somatic Symptoms

2012: Dr. George Loeffler - Spice, Bath Salts and US Military: The Emergence of Synthetic Cannobinoid Receptor Agonists and Cathinones in the US Armed Forces

2011: Dr. Vincent Capaldi - Sleep Disruption Among Returning Combat Veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan

2010: Dr. Kirstin Thode - Functional Evidence Impacting the Role of Corticoropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor 1 in the Development of Stress Related Disorders

2009: Dr. Patcho Santiago - Screening for Alcohol Misuse and Alcohol-Related Behaviors in Combat Veterans

2008: Dr. Duane Lawrence - Interpersonal Group Therapy for Combat-Related PTSD

2002: Dr. Paul Croarkin - Informed Consent for Psychotherapy