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Active Duty or Retired Uniformed Psychiatrists

  1. Apply for the appropriate membership through the APA.
    Attending Psychiatrists - Click Here
    Residents and Fellows - Click Here
  2. At the top of the application be sure to select Society Uniformed Services Psychiatry (SUSP) as your District Branch. Note: This may auto-select for the branch corresponding to the state in which you reside so double check to make sure SUSP is selected on the application before final submission.
  3. The SUSP Council will review your application for approval. Applicants must be active duty or retired military or public health service psychiatrists.
  4. Introduce yourself to the community via our forums.

Medical Students

  1. Apply for medical student membership through the APA.
    Medical Students - Click Here
  2. Once you have submitted your application email with the date of your application, your name, address, medical school, and contact information.

Reservists or National Guard Members

  1. Apply for membership through the APA and your local state district branch.
  2. Click Here to Apply for Affiliate Membership
  3. For Drilling Reservists and National Guard Members Affiliate Membership is FREE for the first year and $20 annually thereafter.

Please contact for more information regarding membership.


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US & Canadian members: When you apply to the APA, your home address or preferred mailing address may automatically determine your District Branch affiliation for you.

If you would like to change your District Branch to SUSP please contact us at and we can assist you in doing so.



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SUSP is a private organization; the views expressed do not represent those of the U.S. government or the Department of Defense. SUSP in not authorized to serve as an intermediary for purposes of providing patient care.

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