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What is our Mission and Vision?



The Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists (SUSP) is an organization of past and present uniformed psychiatrists working together to advance military psychiatry and to develop world-class leaders in their field.



  • To advance the professional development of its members through education, mentorship, sponsorship, coaching, and networking.
  • To promote the health and wellbeing of its members by building a cohesive community of uniformed psychiatrists.
  • To promote the advancement of military psychiatry.


What can we offer?

We at the Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists Society (SUSP) wish you well and hope you have found your SUSP membership this past year both valuable and informative. Your APA membership has currently lapsed, which includes your SUSP membership. We wanted to highlight the benefits of continued membership with SUSP.

When you renew your APA membership, consider the added value of your membership. As the APA District Branch for military psychiatrists, SUSP is your connection to colleagues with similar interests, needs, and concerns. Through collaboration, we are making a difference.

Regardless of the stage of your career, SUSP is there for you. The SUSP Board is dedicated to making SUSP membership an important part of your professional life, and we look forward to continuing to enhance your career in the years to come.



Our Tri-Service Annual Conference provides an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow psychiatrists across every service branch. Additionally, our SUSP Spotlight Series (S3) events provide great opportunities to improve your clinical and military competencies.



Our CME have increased in frequency and scope, offering more opportunities to learn from our fellow military colleagues and leading psychiatrists in our field that target specific needs and interests of military psychiatrists.


Leadership and Recognition

If you want to develop your leadership skills and your professional profile, SUSP offers committee and board positions. Annually, SUSP recognizes members for outstanding service and accomplishments. SUSP also provides personalized assistance to those applying for Distinguished Fellow status in APA.


Benefits on the Horizon

These added benefits are without additional cost to our members as we strive towards enhancing the value of our military psychiatrists. We are also excited to announce additional benefits on the horizon including upcoming changes to our websites, access to information and ability to network with fellow members, and a forum space.

How can I get involved?

Categories of Membership


General Membership

General Members are practicing psychiatrists who have completed an acceptable residency training program in psychiatry and hold either a valid license to practice medicine or an academic, research or governmental position that does not require licensure.

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Medical Students

Medical Student members are dues-exempt and belong to APA at the national level only. Medical students indicating SUSP as their district branch will be added to our contact database as a Medical Student. Though Medical Students are not active members, they will be added to our mailing list so that they will be able to keep up with SUSP. Click here to learn more about joining the APA as a Medical Student.

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Affiliate Members

Affiliate members are psychiatrists full members of the APA who choose to retain their local membership in another district branch. Affiliate members are interested in Military Psychiatry, work in Military Treatment Facilities, or work closely with other SUSP members in research, educational, or clinical settings. Click below to review the SUSP Affiliate requirements and to apply today!

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Semi-Retired and Retired

Effective January 1, 2022, two new membership categories replaced the Rule of 95 as approved by the Board of Trustees and Assembly in 2018. The newly created categories of semi-retired and retired provide more flexibility for a more diverse and changing workforce. This only applies to members in the U.S. and Canada. Members living outside the U.S. or Canada can email here  to learn about other options.

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Distinguished APA Fellow

The highest membership honor the APA bestows upon members. Awarded to outstanding psychiatrists who have made significant contributions to the psychiatric profession in at least five areas: administration, teaching, scientific and scholarly publications, volunteering in mental health and medical activities of social significance, community involvement, and clinical excellence.

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APA Fellow

The status is an honor reflecting dedication to the work of the APA and signifies allegiance to the psychiatric profession. Your colleagues recognize you in the Association as a member of a very select group. Newly appointed Fellows are publicly recognized at the Convocation of Distinguished Fellows held annually during APA's Annual Meeting. Annual dues rates for General Members and Fellows are the same.

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Resident Fellow Membership

Resident-Fellow Members are physicians who have been accepted into a psychiatric residency training program that the ACGME approves, RCPS(C), or AOA and remain enrolled therein. Residents enrolled in a one-year primary care training program to be followed by an approved psychiatric residency are eligible for Resident-Fellow Member status.

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Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs)

ECPs are General Members of the APA who are within their first seven years after completion of training (ACGME accredited residency/fellowship). Dues are reduced for the first six years of General Membership to ease the financial burdens of early-career psychiatrists.

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SUSP is a private organization; the views expressed do not represent those of the U.S. government or the Department of Defense. SUSP in not authorized to serve as an intermediary for purposes of providing patient care.

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