Become a SUSP Member

Membership Benefits:

  • Attend the SUSP Annual Meeting & Reception
  • Attend the Annual Tri-Service Military Psychiatry Meeting
  • Network with hundreds of military and retired psychiatrists
  • Access military-relevant psychiatry CME (often at no cost!)
  • Save on Low Membership Fees
  • Save time by not changing districts when you PCS
  • Advance your career through leadership opportunities

How to Become a Member

  • Register at Join APA
  • Select SUSP as your District Branch
  • Applicants must be active duty or retired military or public health service psychiatrists

Please contact [email protected] for more information regarding membership.

Become an Affiliate Member

Affiliate members are psychiatrists that are full members of the APA who choose to retain their local membership in another district branch. Affiliate members have interest in Military Psychiatry, work in Military Treatment Facilities, or work closely with other SUSP members in research, educational, or clinical settings.

SUSP Affiliate Requirements:

  •  Must be an APA member in good standing
  •  Must be an APA District Branch member that is NOT SUSP
  •  Must pay an annual fee as determined by SUSP President and Council
  • Must complete an application for Affiliate Status. The application form will be developed and approved by the Council and may be modified by the Council upon the concurrence of a majority of the Council.
  • Must have e-mail request/application for Affiliate Status approved by the SUSP Council or in certain circumstances approved by acouncil designee
  • Individuals approved for Affiliate Status will be recorded as approved in Quarterly SUSP Council minutes
  • May NOT have any voting rights in SUSP District Branch
  • May NOT be elected to a position as an Officer of SUSP
  • May NOT be a SUSP Committee Chair or participate as an official committee member
  • May include APA members who collaborate with SUSP members in research, APA members who work in DoD, VA, and/or federal facilities; APA members who care for military beneficiaries and/or collaborate with military psychiatrists; APA members who completed their initial service obligation and who were honorably discharged from Army, Air Force, Navy or Public Health Service; APA members eligible for SUSP who are members of another district branch.

Benefits of Affiliate Membership:

  • May attend Annual SUSP Reception and SUSP Tri-Service meeting at
    the member rate. SUSP Council may approve attendance at other SUSP
    activities. Such approvals will be on a per activity basis.
  • SUSP Affiliates will receive all SUSP information and updates
    via our mailing list.

Cost of Affiliate Membership

  • $75 per year + $5 processing fee

Steps to become an Affiliate Member

SUSP Affiliate Members will fall under the ethics committee of their primary APA Branch. SUSP affiliation in no way implies SUSP's endorsement of an affiliates's work product, political activism, or other public or private actions.