Future Events:

SUSP is pleased to announce the following educational activities:

1. CME Event: MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD  
 Dr. Rachel Yehuda & CPT Aaron Wolfgang
When: TUE, 23MAR at 1800 ET (tentative)
Where: Zoom
Why: Results of this treatment for PTSD have been promising, and with potential FDA-approval estimated for 2023, it will be important for military psychiatrists to weigh in.
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Directly following CME-portion of event, we will also feature:

Q&A: MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD
Dr. Rick Doblin, Dr. Rachel Yehuda, CAPT(ret) Bob Koffman, Lt Col(ret) Mark Bates, CPT Aaron Wolfgang
When: TUE, 23MAR at 1900 ET
Where: Zoom
Why: Audience members will be offered the opportunity to directly engage with Dr. Rick Doblin (Executive Director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), Dr. Rachel Yehuda (Director of the Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma Research at Mount Sinai), CAPT(ret) Bob Koffman (Former NICoE Chief of Clinical Operations), Lt Col(ret) Mark Bates (Former Associate Director, Psychological Health Promotion, PHCoE), and CPT Aaron Wolfgang (Addiction Psychiatry Fellow at the Yale School of Medicine). Please note this portion of the event is NOT for CME.
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2. S3(3)*: Innovation in Military Psychiatry: The process of developing your ideas into practical realities within the MHS

Who: Featuring COL(ret) Millard Brown, COL Chris Ivany, MAJ(P) Rohul Amin; moderated by CPT Aaron Wolfgang
What: Featured guests will talk about how they developed their innovations of BHDP (Dr. Brown), Embedded Behavioral Health (Dr. Ivany) and BH Pulse (Dr. Amin). Small group discussions will engage members' in their ideas on how to innovate within our technological, clinical and military structural systems.
When: TUE, 13APR at 1800 ET
Where: Zoom
Event link: http://www.horizonvirtualvenue.com/susp
password - Military

Why: While we work with our patients to help them better adapt through change and uncertainty at an individual level, at the systems level, adaptability can manifest as innovation. But in order to steward that innovation, we need to first understand the process of innovation within our system.

*"S3" is our new educational initiative - SUSP Spotlight Series - where we highlight the incredible things our members do to advance our field.

3. Tri-Service Conference: SAVE THE DATE - FRI, 30APR! Business meeting will start at 1100 and further programming will follow. More details to come. It will be FREE (members only) and will be via Zoom. Mark your calendars!

Past Events:
Please note while we welcome members to view archived videos of our programming, CME credit is not available for past CME events.

CME: Cultural Psychiatry & the Military Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI)

SUSP Spotlight Series (S3): BIs and PIES: Past, present and future of embedded psychiatry in the military, See video below:

Resources from S3(1): Psychiatrists on the Frontlines of a Pandemic
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