Past Educational Webinars

*Please note while we welcome members to view archived videos of our programming, CME credit is not available for past CME events.


01MAR22 SUSP Spotlight Series (S3): 
Careers in Military Psychiatry: Paths Less Taken

Learn about the realm of possibilities within military psychiatry from senior psychiatrists who trailblazed their own unique career paths.

Panel expertise highlights experiences in policy making, academia, research, executive medicine, disaster psychiatry, surgeon general liaison, and international healthcare infrastructure building.

CAPT Jeffrey Millegan (USN) biography
CAPT Joshua Morganstein (USPHS) biography
Maj Eric Meyer (USAF) biography
LTC Vincent Capaldi (USA) biography


01FEB22 SUSP Educational Event: 
Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD

The Society of Uniformed Services Psychiatrists is pleased to offer “Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD". Learners will be able to describe the neurobiological bases of Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Discussion will also include clinical applications, considerations for system-wide implementation, and referral options.

Dr. Sean Mulvaney
Dr. James Lynch


04JAN22 SUSP Spotlight Series 
Lessons Learned from the Evacuation and Care of Afghan Civilians

Learn from a panel of psychiatric and medical leaders about the special clinical and administrative considerations needed to care for the recently evacuated Afghan citizens. This topic aims to highlight unique aspects of military psychiatry that exist outside routine patient care.

CAPT Tangeneare Singh USPHS
LTC Jason Blaylock USA
CPT Sandy Glassberg USA

Documents and Handouts:
USCIS i-693 Form
Refugees Humanitarian outreach Assessing MHPS Needs Resources Toolkit
A Qualitative Analysis On The Transitions Of Afghan Refugee Families To The U.s. And Their Parenting Experiences


07DEC21 Educational Event: 
SUSP CME Event: Sleep, Neurodegeneration, and the Glymphatic System

A Discussion reviewing the current understanding of glymphatic function, covering some of the evidence linking it to sleep, waste clearance, and possibly to neurodegeneration.

Speaker: J. Kent Werner, Jr., MD


05OCT21 SUSP Spotlight Series 
The Military Psychiatrist
Planning for the Future and Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Panel of Military Psychiatrists from the U.S. Army, Navy, & Air Force

Navy Breakout Room
CDR Elle Schollnberger (U.S. Navy) | CDR Robin Treadwell (U.S. Navy)

Army Breakout Room
COL Samuel Preston (U.S. Army)

Opening Remarks and Panel Discussion: Led by Jerry Trotter LT, MC, USN
Lt Col Eric Meyer (U.S. Air Force) | COL Samuel Preston (U.S. Army) | CDR Elle Schollnberger (U.S. Navy) | CDR Robin Treadwell (U.S. Navy)


07SEP21 Educational Event: 
Esketamine and Ketamine for the Treatment of Mood Disorders

A Discussion of the relevant neurobiology and clinical trial data related to ketamine and esketamine in the treatment of mood disorders.

Speaker: Gerard Sanacora, MD, PhD, Yale University School of Medicine


03AUG21 SUSP Spotlight Series
The Military Application Process: What to Know & How to Differentiate Yourself

Panel of Military Psychiatrists from the U.S. Army, Navy, & Air Force

Who: Lt Col Jon Maust (U.S. Air Force) | Maj Matthew Baker (U.S. Air Force)

LTC Samuel Preston (U.S. Army)

CDR Monica Ormeno (U.S. Navy) | CDR James Hegarty (U.S. Navy)

Dr. James C. West (USUHS)


30APR21 Tri-Service Psychiatry Conference


13APR21 SUSP Spotlight Series #3:
Innovation in Military Psychiatry: The process of developing your ideas into practical realities within the Military Heath System

 Who: Featuring COL(ret) Millard Brown, COL Chris Ivany, MAJ(P) Rohul Amin; moderated by CPT Aaron Wolfgang
What: Featured guests will talk about how they developed their innovations of BHDP (Dr. Brown), Embedded Behavioral Health (Dr. Ivany) and BH Pulse (Dr. Amin). Small group discussions will engage members' in their ideas on how to innovate within our technological, clinical and military structural systems.

23MAR21 Educational Event
MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD

Who: Dr. Rick Doblin, Dr. Rachel Yehuda, CAPT(ret) Bob Koffman, Lt Col(ret) Mark Bates, CPT Aaron Wolfgang
Why: Results of this treatment for PTSD have been promising, and with potential FDA-approval estimated for 2023, it will be important for military psychiatrists to weigh in

 Dr. Rachel Yehuda & CPT Aaron Wolfgang


15DEC20 CME: Cultural Psychiatry & the Military Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI)

On Dec 15 SUSP and USU hosted an asynchronous lecture series on the Cultural Formulation Interview followed by a live Q&A session on zoom with guest speakers Drs. Francis Lu, Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, and Eric Meyer.

Video links to the pre-event video series and the recording of the live Q&A are below: It was intended that these videos on cultural psychiatry and the CFI were to be viewed before the live panel Q&A session at the bottom:

Cultural Psychiatry (31 min) – Dr. Lewis-Fernandez
The Cultural Formulation (37 min) – Dr. Francis Lu
The Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) (29 min) – Dr. Lewis-Fernandez
A Brief Overview of a Proposed Military Version of the CFI (11 min) – Dr. Eric Meyer

Live Q&A panel session via Zoom

09NOV20 SUSP Spotlight Series #2:
BIs and PIES: Past, present and future of embedded psychiatry in the military
Who: military psychiatrists interested in embedded psychiatry; featuring experts in the field
What: a gathering online to share best practices and educate trainees about embedded psychiatry
When: Monday, 09NOV20 1800 - 1930 ET


BIs and PIES: Past, present and future of embedded psychiatry in the military (Gallery view)


30JUN20 SUSP Spotlight Series #1:
Psychiatrists on the Frontlines of a Pandemic

Who: SUSP members + featured speakers LTC Elizabeth Brent, MAJ Olli Toukolehto, CPT Alex Kaplan 
What: An interactive discussion with three Army psychiatrists about their recent deployment to NYC at the height of COVID-19. This will be the first installment of "S3", a series of conversations highlighting unique military psychiatry missions and positions. 
Why: To increase military psychiatrists' preparedness for similar missions as the pandemic continues and to provide support for our colleagues out on the frontlines.

The video for this event is unavailable
Event handout


*"S3" is our new educational initiative - SUSP Spotlight Series - where we highlight the incredible things our members do to advance our field.