SUSP Excellence in Operational Medicine Award

This award honors operational psychiatrists and recognizes the unique contributions and sacrifices of SUSP members which separate them from their civilian counterparts.



This award is open to all services.  Nominees will be either on active duty or who have retired but who were members of SUSP.


Submission Deadline

All submissions must be received no later than 15 FEB.


Nomination Process

The person making the nomination or self-submission, should forward a curriculum vitae and single page SUSP Operational Medicine Nomination Form (pdf) or Nomination Form (Word document)

Please direct all submissions or questions to Sean Wilkes at [email protected]. Please include Excellence in Operational Medicine in the subject line.



Candidates submissions will be reviewed by committee. The nominees’ contributions to operational medicine will be assessed based on  demonstration of a recurring commitment to service in Operational Medicine environments, holding positions of increasing responsibility in Operational Medicine environments, demonstration of innovation in improving patient care delivery in operational environments, and commitment to teaching Operational Medicine to other health care professionals, through publications and/or formal educational seminars. This recognition is for contributions occurring within three years preceding the presentation of the award.